A proven and positive impact

Boxing Futures is a dynamic charity which works to improve the physical and mental health and wellbeing of disadvantaged young people.
We help young people to move forward positively in their lives by building empowering relationships, developing core soft skills and increasing confidence and motivation.
Our proven positive impact helps people to springboard into re-engagement with education, volunteering and employment opportunities.

The Boxing Futures Mission

We will:

Make an immediate and positive impact on young people’s lives by improving their physical and mental wellbeing through sport, building empowering and non-judgmental relationships, promoting pathways into volunteering, training, education and employment through increasing confidence, motivation and development of soft skills.

The problem that we are aiming to fix

Boxing Futures was established to bridge the gap between young people and the wider community from which they often feel excluded.

The fundamental problem that we are dealing with is that there is a gap between young adults who have access to opportunities in life and those who don’t.

Many young people in our society have been excluded from the advantages and resources which are available to their peers and this situation is compounded across many vital areas in life including affordable housing, vocational training and routes to employment.

Helping young people through sport and changing lives

Who we help

At Boxing Futures our original aim was to help young people, aged 16-25 within the criminal justice system and those from disadvantaged communities who were at risk of becoming involved in criminal activity.

As we have grown, we have expanded our services to a wider audience which includes schools, youth centres, mental health units, and a number of other community provisions and services.

The young people who we work with are:

  • Not in employment, education or training (often referred to as ‘NEETs’)
  • Young adult offenders or are at risk of offending
  • Victims of crime and/or abuse
  • Experiencing wellbeing issues
  • From other socially or economically disadvantaged groups
  • Experiencing learning or physical disabilities
Vital help from our dynamic charity helping young lives

Evolving our work to make a difference

In recent years our work has become increasingly focused on improving young people’s mental health by tackling specific issues such as social isolation, anxiety, and loneliness.

This means that we now offer individuals of all ages the chance to tackle such issues, improve motivation and confidence, and enhance their lives by taking part in sporting activity too.


Our objective is Helping young people through sport

How do people access our services?

We work primarily in London, Peterborough and Bedford, and young people are referred to us from a wide variety of referral agencies including Local Authority bodies and other voluntary and community organisations.

If you would like further information on what we do and how we can help: